Warranty Policy – Custom T-Shirt Quilts

Full Circle Quilts Warranty


Full Circle Quilts guarantees the quilt against defects in workmanship and materials, (sashing, border, binding, back) excluding the t-shirts, for one year.  In the event of such defect, Full Circle Quilts will repair the defect to the extent possible, at no charge, with client to pay shipping.  However, because of the different quality and condition  of t-shirts provided by clients, and because of the various graphics, embroidery and transfer designs on the t-shirts,  Full Circle Quilts will NOT warranty damage or defects on or to the shirts themselves.


Should a shirt become lost while in the custody of the USPS, after verifying the tracking number, Full Circle Quilts will do ONE of the following:   assist the customer in selecting a replacement t-shirt available through a local vendor at no additional cost to the client, OR  provide a new shipping label for the client to send in an alternate shirt,  OR offer the client a replacement square made out of a suitable fabric.


Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.