Starting a Project is Easy

For less than the cost of individual flower bouquets, you and your friends can join together to create a custom, hand-made T-Shirt Memory Quilt for your loved one.


When loved ones suffer from a life crisis like cancer, addiction, or posttraumatic stress disorder, it’s often difficult to show them the love and support they need. At Full Circle Quilts, we’re here to help provide genuine comfort, love and support, no matter the distance.  A Full Circle Quilt provides actual physical warmth and comfort to your friend or loved one, but it also provides the emotional support, love and connections that are so essential to your loved one’s well-being on their health or life journey.

A Full Circle Quilt shows your loved one how much you care.

How to Begin

Every quilt requires a Project Leader who begins the project and sends out invitations to other participants.   The responsibilities are small but the reward is great.


See the steps below on how to start a Full Circle Quilt.


  • To get started as Project Leader, first create an account using the Register form on this page.
  • You will then be directed to create a new project and purchase the first square.   A square is made from a single T-shirt. Full Circle Quilts are made of at least 12 squares and can be as big as 36 squares. Each square costs $49 which includes all shipping and handling costs.
  • As the Project Leader, you will receive an email from Full Circle Quilts with everything you need to invite your friends and family to join the newly created quilting project.   Remember each quilt needs at least 12 T-shirt squares.
  • Once you receive the email, follow the instructions to forward the invitation to your friends and family using our template.  This email will include your unique project code that participants need to join the project and buy their T-shirt squares.
  • When all the participants have purchased their T-shirt squares, Full Circle Quilts will email all participants printable, postage-paid mailing labels to mail their T-shirt.
  • Participants will then mail in their T-shirts.  We’ll send along recommendations on picking the shirt, but it should be one that is meaningful to you and the person who is getting the quilt.  Learn more about choosing a shirt here.
  • You may write messages of support on your T-shirt prior to mailing.
  • Full Circle Quilts will keep participants up to date on the quilt’s progress on their private Quilt Project page.  Quilts take approximately 2 weeks to complete once all T-shirts have been received by Full Circle Quilts.
  • When complete, Full Circle Quilts will send the quilt to you or to the recipient.

Frequently Asked Questions:


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What does a Full Circle Quilt look like?  Full Circle Quilts are made using memorable T-shirts which your group provides. Each quilt is made of at least 12 T-shirt squares and may be as large as 36 T-shirt squares.  You mail in the T-shirt using our prepaid mailing label and we will create your quilt and mail it to the recipient or to the Project Leader.


Before you mail in your shirt, you may write a message using permanent marker to the quilt recipient.


What if more people want to sign up?  That’s great!  Please estimate the number of squares you anticipate in the Create a Project Form, but if more people want to sign up or participants want to buy multiple T-shirt squares, just let us know what the final number will be by emailing us at [email protected].


We will also email the Project Leader prior to finalizing the quilt size in case there are additional participants who would like to take part.

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