The Giving Process

Expert seamstresses craft our Custom T-Shirt Quilts using your t-shirts combined with fabrics, notions and batting. The seamstresses design the quilt top and then assemble the t-shirt squares on sewing machines. They then quilt together the three layers (top, batting and quilt back) in our Jackson, Wyoming workshop using a state-of-the art Gammill Statler Longarm Quilting machine with our exclusive Full Circle Quilt Logo as the quilting design. 

Start a Project

Starting a project is easy.

Simply fill out the Create a Project Form and Full Circle Quilts will email you a package with everything you need to invite participants to the new Quilt project.  Participants each buy one or more squares.  Every quilt requires a minimum of 12 purchased squares.  Squares are each $49.

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Create a Team

Connect with your friends and family

Amazing things happen when people come together.  Email your friends and family using the Full Circle Invitation.  Invitees will receive instructions and a project code that will allow them to log into the private Quilt Project page where they can pay for their squares.

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Mail in T-Shirts

Finding the perfect message

Once they have joined the project, participants will receive a prepaid mailing label they can use to ship their T-shirt in.  We encourage you to write a message on the shirt that will tell your loved one how much you care.  If you don’t have a T-shirt, that’s ok.  Let us know and we will provide fabric for your square.  See our instructions for choosing and mailing your T-shirt here.

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Quilt Completion

Creating your quilt

T-shirts arrive in our facility where we cut the t-shirts into blocks and stabilize the material to prevent stretching with a heat-fused lightweight interfacing applied to the back of each square. (Excess t-shirt fabric will be re-purposed.)


We arrange the blocks on a design board and place fabric strips in contrasting and complimentary colors (“sashing”) between the blocks.


Your seamstress sews the blocks and fabric strips together, creating the Quilt Top, the first of three layers of a real quilt.


The three layers of the quilt are loaded onto the longarm quilting machine and quilted together with our exclusive Celtic Heart logo design.

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Mailing the Quilt to the Recipient

Showing your love and support

A Full Circle Quilt takes 2 weeks to complete, once all T-shirts have been received.  When the quilt is complete, we will post a picture in your private Quilt Project Page.  We will then mail the quilt either to the Project Leader or the recipient based on your preference.


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