Wyoming Swim Quilt

About This Project

When I decided to start Full Circle Quilts, I did lots of market research, including taking a booth at our local hospital health fair. At that fair, a local swim coach approached me in tears. One of her star athletes, 9-year-old Brianna, had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor, with a lengthy treatment expected—including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy—in a hospital six hours from home. She asked if I could make a Keepsake Custom T-Shirt Quilt immediately. I agreed.


I love this quilt for a lot of reasons, but mostly for the outpouring of support Brianna received. Many swim teams from around Wyoming, including swimmers from the University of Wyoming, sent in shirts. Her entire school signed one shirt. And, we even had a t-shirt signed by two Olympians! This is an example of what happens when so many people come together to surround one little girl with positive energy and good wishes.  



April 30, 2015