Keepsake Custom T-Shirt Quilt


June 17, 2015

About This Project

When my sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer, I was heartsick. She’s a woman who has endured more than most, and yet still maintains courage and charisma. Since I lived in Colorado and she lived in Rhode Island, there was no way to help her short of calls, texts, and emails. What I really wanted to do was hold her hand and comfort her. Since I’d made Keepsake Custom T-Shirt Quilts for my own kids, I thought it would be a good idea if everyone in the family—she has seven siblings—sent in a shirt so she could be reminded of us and feel our love and support surrounding her.  


I received 28 t-shirts in short order, and was also able to include a hand-drawn image of her beloved rabbit and a monogrammed table-linen from her deceased mother, who had passed away 25 years earlier. I made this Keepsake Custom T-Shirt Quilt 2-sided, one pink, one purple, so as to keep it a manageable size. These quilts are not about “decor” or “color match.” They are as unique and vibrant as the support group itself.