The Full Circle Mission

Full Circle Quilts knows how important it is to be able to provide actual physical warmth and comfort to someone we love, even if we cannot physically be there ourselves. We’re big believers in the power of touch in healing, as well as emotional connection.


Scientific studies indicate these factors to be true, yet it’s from our own hearts that we developed our company, because we found that our solution was also a solution for others: the need to be helpful, the desire to create something beautiful and long-lasting, and the helplessness we felt when faced with typical support-gift choices like flowers, beauty products, etc. – the impersonal, short-lived options for sending gifts in times of need. So we jumped and developed a company that will allow support groups to create something long-lasting and personal. Something unique. Something that lets our loved ones feel our love, and allows us a way to let them know we are sharing their journey.

The Hands behind the Quilts

Jobs are important to us. The US economy is a constant source of stress for many rural workers.  We want to make a difference. Full Circle Quilts creates a way for individuals to participate in a gift at a price point that is affordable to them, and comparable to most traditional gifts like flowers, yet also allows us to recognize the actual aggregate value of a custom quilt.


When your group purchases the quilt together, you are not only providing your loved one with a long-lasting expression of your support, you are providing employment and income opportunities to a skilled US labor force that has lost many employment opportunities to manufacturing models that utilize the efficiencies of mass production overseas.


Our supply chain: we believe in using what we have, wherever possible, which is why many of the materials we use in our quilts are up-cycled overruns from traditional textile manufacturers, whole bolts of first-quality cloth that didn’t sell in the retail supply chain for the simple reason of over-supply. We are able to purchase these materials in quantity at a reduced cost, which then makes us able to pay our artisans a living wage for their skills, rather than spending our money on full-price sources.


We believe that by combining strengths, we can overcome obstacles. By reaching out and sharing our feelings with our loved ones, we tap into that energy that unites and uplifts us as individuals, and connects us into a stronger whole. A quilt does that by its very nature – it combines different elements into a unique, strong, beautiful creation. We are honored to share in your own vision of strength, support, connection and compassion.

How We Began

When her sister-in-law on the East Coast was diagnosed with cancer, Kathleen found herself frustrated by her inability to provide support to friends and family struggling with significant life challenges such as a long-term illness or loss of a loved one. Kathleen became determined to solve the disconnect between wanting to help, but being unable to do anything meaningful.


She decided to create a T-Shirt Memory Quilt by enlisting every member of the family to contribute to the project. She used email to coordinate the project and, within a month, had gathered t-shirts from 30 friends and family, made the quilt, and sent it off to her sister-in-law.


The quilt provided Kathleen’s sister-in-law with physical warmth and comfort, but more importantly, it provided a continuous reminder of the love and support of her friends and family. After this success, Kathleen became encouraged to provide T-Shirt Memory Quilts to others, and Full Circle Quilts was born.

The Full Circle Team

Kathleen Connor Neiley


Kathleen Connor Neiley grew up in the mountains surrounding Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In 1978, she moved east to Middlebury College in Vermont to pursue her love of cross country ski racing. After college, she taught school for three years in Wyoming and New York before moving to Denver where she worked as an investment banker until the birth of her second child. She spent the next 20 years on a small horse farm north of Denver raising three daughters. Following a two-year stint in the biotechnology industry, she made the decision to return to Jackson Hole and attend The Startup Institute, an intensive course on entrepreneurship, in order to bring her dream of starting her own business to fruition.

Mary Lynn Bradshaw


Mary Lynn started 9 Cloud Web Works in 2008 and has been helping new businesses grow and thrive ever since. 9 Cloud’s passion is to help innovative businesses to grow their brand awareness and sales online. 9 Cloud joined the Full Circle team in 2015 and is responsible for website creation, technical support and ongoing marketing consulting.

Our Seamstresses

Full Circle Quilts hires seamstresses living in rural communities in Wyoming. These seamstresses are typically older women who have the artisanal skills to make heirloom quality Custom T-Shirt Quilts. By hiring locally, Full Circle Quilts is not only providing a thoughtful, caring gift, but also providing employment opportunities for an oft-overlooked and growing demographic. Full Circle seamstresses take pride in their workmanship and treat each quilt with integrity, care and respect throughout the manufacturing process.

Grace Anderson


Grace Anderson started working for Powderhorn Mountaineering in 1972 when Jackson Hole was a hotbed of apparel manufacturers for the burgeoning outdoor market. In 1974, she started as a seamstress for Cub Schaeffer’s Rocky Mountain Featherbed. Since then, she has helped manufacture camouflage wool products for King of Mountain, trout-themed decorative pillows for Fishtails, and headbands and hats for Calamity Jane. Grace’s depth of knowledge has made her a valuable advisor on everything from processes to color selection to material sources.  

William Biederman


William Biederman first worked with Kathleen on an entrepreneurial venture in the biotechnology industry. William is a valuable mentor who has provided counsel and encouragement as Full Circle Quilts gained momentum.