We don’t just make quilts

At Full Circle Quilts, we provide a way for friends and family to come together to support their loved ones in their time of need.  We create T-shirt quilts from shirts you and your group provide, signed with your words of encouragement and love. We take those shirts and design an heirloom-quality Quilt to remind your loved ones of how much you care.

Connections with family and friends are vital during challenges like cancer, injury or personal loss. By collaborating on an heirloom-quality Custom T-shirt Quilt or Blanket, friends and family actively participate in a loved one’s recovery by providing both physical warmth and emotional support, even when they can’t be there in person.

You would give the shirt off your back. We help make it happen.

We create custom T-shirt Quilts which show your support

T-shirt Quilts are a modern-day adaptation of the traditional “block-style” patchwork quilt.  The Quilt is assembled using memorable t-shirts that people accumulate over time, incorporating the graphic portions of those t-shirt into unique, ‘memory’ quilts.


A quilter cuts out a square from the t-shirt containing the graphic design, and combines those blocks in a quilt design, typically in some type of grid-pattern, to create a “T-shirt Quilt.” Full Circle Quilts developed the idea to collect and combine T-shirts from a group of people to create a unique “support” T-shirt quilt that will remind the recipient of the many people in their life who care about them.


This Harley Davidson quilt is made from T-shirts collected from a group of friends that rode bikes together over the years, to create a custom quilt a fellow club member would cherish, reminding him of the many supporters he has that wish him well.


The Giving Process

Create a quilt for your loved one.   The process is simple and we are with you every step of the way.

Start a project

A loved one begins a project and invites friends and family to participate in a quilt through our website.

Create a team

Family and friends sign up to participate in the quilt on the website.

Mail in T-shirts

Each participant mails their hand-signed t-shirt using a pre-paid mailing label.

Quilt Completion

Full Circle Quilts completes the quilt within 2 weeks and mails it to the recipient.

Start Your Project

Join together for a truly special gift.

For less than the cost of sending individual flower bouquets, you and your friends can send someone you love a Custom T-shirt Quilt or Blanket that will last for years, not days. Give your loved one a “group hug” whenever they need it! Starting is easy!

Start a Project

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